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Bancroft Dentistry

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IV sedation?: Yes
Inhalation Sedation?: No
Treating Dentist Name: Frank Goulbourn
Sedationist name: Frank
Intranasal Sedation: No
Oral Premed: No
Hypno therapy?: No
Other Therapy?: No
STAC approved supervisor?: Yes
Oral Sedation: No
7 Bancroft Court, Hitchin, Herts, UK SG5 1LH

We love treating nervous patients!

As you may be aware from past experience, not every dental practice is equally adept at helping nervous patients to gain confidence. Here at Bancroft Dentistry, we treat all our patients – however nervous they may be – with the same understanding and respect.

We’re a friendly and welcoming practice where patients’ needs always come first, and we’re committed to the principle of painless dentistry.

But these aren’t the only reasons why nervous patients tend to recommend us. We offer practical help for people who have genuine fears about coming to the dentist, including those who may have put off important dental work for years due to anxiety or needle phobia.

Come and visit us - it's a much better experience than you might think!


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Phone: 01462451167

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