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IV sedation?: Yes
Inhalation Sedation?: No
Treating Dentist Name: Nick Fahey, Sarah Fitzharris
Sedationist name: Nick Fahey, Sarah Fitzharris
21 Reading Road, Pangbourne, Berkshire, UK RG8 7LR

Dental Sedation for nervous patients in Reading

We are aware that many people are so frightened of the dentist that they avoid dental treatment altogether and here at Woodborough House Dental Practice we are sympathetic in recognising that many patients experience real anxiety and we offer a number of approaches to help you overcome your fear of the dentist so that we can give you a healthy smile.

One of the most important parts of our job is to ensure that we listen to you carefully and understand your needs and concerns we are very experienced in treating nervous patients and feel that this is one of the most important elements in solving your dental phobia. We also offer sedation dentistry for patients who are particularly nervous.

What is Sedation?

Dentists use sedation to ensure that patients are at their most relaxed during dental procedures. Levels of sedation can range from minimal, a state of simple relaxation, to deep in which the patient is on the edge of sleep but still easily awakened.

Is Sedation for Me?

Sedation is a great tool for those who suffer from dental phobia and are anxious about dental interventions. Similarly, those who have a low pain threshold, sensitive gag reflex and those undergoing extensive treatment will also benefit from sedation in the chair.

A full health assessment will be undertaken to ensure that we are comfortable administering sedation to patients as certain medical conditions may exclude the use of certain types of sedative or technique.

Who is Qualified to Administer Sedation?

All of our dentists who provide sedation are SAAD (Society for the Advancement of Anaesthesia in Dentistry) qualified and they and our nursing staff regularly attend training to ensure that they are always up-to-date on emerging techniques.

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